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Early Learning Programs

Welcome to Evergreen Catholic School Division's Early Learning Programs: Where learning takes root!

At Evergreen Catholic School Division, we understand the importance of a strong foundation for your child's education. That's why we offer exceptional Early Learning Programs in six of our schools, serving the communities of Devon, Hinton, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, and Westlock. Join us in our vibrant Early Learning Programs and watch your child's education take root and flourish!

Program Highlights:

Our Early Learning Programs provide a comprehensive curriculum designed to foster growth and development in various areas. Here are some key features of our programs

  1. Planting Seeds of Knowledge: Our programs provide indoor and outdoor areas where children can dig deep into play and learning, cultivating a strong foundation for their academic journey.
  1. Branching Out into Learning Adventures: From religion and literacy to numeracy, art, music, science, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, dramatic play, sensory exploration, construction, listening, and technology, our programs cover a broad range of subjects and activities.
  1. Open-ended Experiences and Materials: We encourage creativity and critical thinking by providing open-ended experiences and materials that allow children to explore and express their ideas freely.
  1. Child-centred Projects: Our programs are designed to be responsive to children's interests. We create projects and activities based on their curiosity and passions, fostering a love for learning from an early age.
  2. Extended Pursuit of Interests: We understand the importance of deepening learning experiences. Therefore, our programs offer opportunities for children to pursue their interests for longer periods, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of the subject matter..

How to Learn More and Register:

To find out more about our Early Learning Programs and to explore our schools in each community, please visit the respective websites below:

- Devon: Holy Spirit Catholic School -

- Hinton: St. Gregory Catholic School -

- Spruce Grove: St. Joseph Catholic School -

- Spruce Grove: St. Marguerite Catholic School -

- Stony Plain: St. John Paul II Catholic School -

- Westlock: Saint Mary Catholic School -

Please visit the respective school websites for information on open houses and registration procedures. Secure your child's spot today and embark on a remarkable educational journey with Evergreen Catholic School Division's Early Learning Programs.

We look forward to welcoming your child into our Evergreen family and laying the foundation for their bright future!



Embarking on the journey of Kindergarten is an incredible adventure for your child – a mix of discovery, fun, and exciting learning awaits! It's not just school; it's a vibrant community where your child's natural curiosity and enthusiasm are ignited through well-organized activities and purposeful play. 


In many communities, our Kindergarten programs offer flexibility with options like Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday full-day schedules, complemented by alternating Fridays.

Wondering if your little one is ready? If they'll be five years old by December 31, they're all set! Connect with your local school for more details and dive into the excitement of this fantastic start to your child's educational journey. Let the adventure begin! 


Kindergarten programs are available at:


  • Holy Spirit Catholic School (Devon)
  • St. Gregory Catholic School (Hinton)
  • St. John Paul II Catholic School (Stony Plain)
  • St. Joseph Catholic School (Spruce Grove)
  • St. Marguerite Catholic School (Spruce Grove)
  • St. Mary Catholic School (Westlock)

Check our website for boundaries to determine your child’s school

New Early Learning Programs in 2024-2025!


Our programs operate four half days per week, offering a dynamic and engaging learning environment for children. Focused on play-based learning, our program is designed to cater to the unique needs of young children identified with severe delays or a diagnosis, as well as those with mild to moderate delays during their pre-kindergarten year (PUF). We extend a warm welcome to community children, inviting them to participate in our play-based programming alongside their peers with identified needs. Through this inclusive approach, Play Partners emerge as not just participants but also as valuable role models, actively contributing to shared learning experiences that enrich the entire classroom. Please note that the Play Partners program involves a fee, and availability is contingent upon space and resources. Join us as we create a supportive and inclusive space for learning and growth! 


PreK programs will be available at:


  • Holy Spirit Catholic School (Devon)
  • St. Gregory Catholic School (Hinton)
  • St. John Paul II Catholic School (Stony Plain)
  • St. Joseph Catholic School (Spruce Grove) (NOTE: **All students who live in the Spruce Grove boundary are welcome to register for PreK at St. Joseph Catholic School)
  • St. Mary Catholic School (Westlock)

Contact your boundary school for more information


Kindergarten Extension Programs


Discover a world of opportunity with our Kindergarten Extension Programs – a unique "program of choice" that goes beyond the ordinary. Enriched with specialized offerings like nature exploration, this program serves as a captivating extension to our regular Kindergarten curriculum. Open to families in the local areas, it's an exclusive chance for students to enhance their early learning experiences. 


To join the adventure, students must be enrolled in a recognized Kindergarten program within Evergreen Catholic Schools' boundaries. While we're thrilled to welcome local families, please note that transportation won't be provided. Embrace this extraordinary educational journey for your child, with monthly fees set at $400. Ignite curiosity, foster growth, and make learning an exciting exploration!


Kinder Extension Program is available at:


  • St. Mary Catholic Schools (Westlock)

Daycare Partnerships

Evergreen Catholic Schools has created partnerships with external daycare provides to offer daycare within some of our Evergreen Catholic schools for students. Fees are determined by the daycare provider, not Evergreen Catholic Schools


Daycare partnerships are available at:


  • St. Marguerite Catholic School (Spruce Grove)
  • St. Mary Catholic School (Westlock)

PUF (Program Unit Funding) Pre-K Programs

Additionally, we offer specialized services through our PUF Pre-K programs for students with specific needs. These programs are available at Holy Spirit Catholic School, St. Gregory Catholic School, St. Joseph Catholic School, St. John Paul II, and St. Mary Catholic School. Students requiring support for speech and language development, fine motor skills, and behaviour/emotional regulation will have access to dedicated consultants trained in these areas