St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School
Through God, we can achieve our dreams
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​​​​​​​Extra Curricular 

St. Thomas Aquinas School offers a wide variety of student activities, and we hope that there is something of interest to involve each one of our students. Some of these programs require additional funding, and students may be required to make a monetary contribution. It is our policy to keep student costs at a minimum. If a family cannot meet the financial needs of paying student fees or activity participation fees, special arrangements can be made through the school administrators.


Art Club

​Every Monday from 3:15- 4:15 p.m. students who are interested in improving their art skills meet in the Art room to discuss art and complete projects of their choosing.  All students are welcome to attend!


Our athletics program includes a number of after-school sports which form an important part of student life.  Athletic teams are selected from interested students, and they represent the school at competitions in the following sports:  volleyball, basketball, badminton, and track & field.   Costs of participating may include a deposit for the school uniforms.


Band Concerts

Each year, the group of students enrolled in band work hard to develop their musical talents. These students perform at band concerts, feeder schools and music festivals.  The choir club performs at events such as band concerts, Masses and religious celebrations, as well as promotion ceremonies.  They display their talents at concerts and festivals, and are given the opportunity to share musical experiences with other bands.​​


Gingerbr​ead Housebuilding

Each Christmas, students are invited to participate in building a gingerbread house of their own.  Excitement escalates as students gather, with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads, on an evening before the Christmas holiday to make in the neighborhood of 100 gingerbread houses.


Ski Club

Students interested in skiing come together to plan, raise funds for, and participate in ski trips to various resorts.   Skiing at Rabbit Hill occurs on Thursdays from November through March each year, weather permitting. 


Student Council (Grades 5, 6, 7 and 8) 

In September, a student council executive is elected to serve during the school year.   At the same time, class representatives are elected to serve as the homeroom class liaison with the council.  In addition to acting as the student government for the school, the student council sponsors activities, special theme days, and a variety of other worthwhile activities in the school.  Student council provides an excellent opportunity for interested students to become politically and socially involved in the happenings of the school.  However, the most valuable benefit students derive from being on the student council is the concept of service for others.


​Talent Show

Springtime at St. Thomas Aquinas finds students practicing their many musical, dramatic and artistic talents.  It all comes together at the annual Talent Show where students sing, play musical instruments, dance, perform comic routines and various other interesting skills. Definitely one of the highlights of the school year!