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​​Core Courses

Program of Studies

Alberta Learning has developed two types of courses that make up the curriculum for all studies.  These are Core Courses (i.e. Language Arts, Social Studies, Physical Education, Health and Personal Life Skills, and Math) and Complementary Courses (i.e., Practical Arts, Second Languages, Fine/Performing Arts, Career & Technology Studies (CTS), and others).  Students and parents may find more information about individual courses or overall course organization through Alberta Education or the school.  


Core Courses

St. Thomas Aquinas School provides students with a strong foundation in all core subject areas.  We particularly emphasize the need for each student to build a respect for and understanding of the knowledge and skills to which they are exposed during his/her school years.  Emphasis is also placed on the development of values and self-discipline as each student progresses through their education.  The core courses are a vehicle used to accomplish Alberta's High Quality of Education as set out by Alberta Education.


ICT Curriculum from Alberta Education

In June 2000, the Program of Studies was implemented for the Information and Communication Technology Curriculum in the Province of Alberta.  As part of a "Best Practices" project in the province, Evergreen Catholic Separate Regional Division #2 was contracted by Alberta Learning to create a sample scope and sequence for the technology outcomes.  Under the direction and teacher mentorship of our school's Technology Integration Coordinator, Marion Rex, Evergreen acted as Project Director in developing a sample scope and sequence as well as lesson plans for technology integration in Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies at every grade level from K-12. 


Career and Technology Foundations (CTF)​ 

CTF is a new and unique curriculum base on Career and Technology Studies (CTS).  Career exploration is incorporated in both the CTF curriculum and the CTS courses to encourage students to make connections between areas of interest and skill development in various occupational areas. CTF is designed to allow students to explore their interests, passions ans skills.  These courses make up approximately twenty-five percent of the teaching time.  There are a number of CTF courses that play a significant role in our school and in our program.


Complementary Courses

Grade 7

Active Living, Art, Band, Choral Music, Creative Writing, Drama, Food Basics, French, Language Arts Tutorial​, Math Tutorial, Media Mash, Science and Nature, Outdoor Education

Grade 8

Active Living, Art, Band, Drama, Food Basics, French, Language Arts Tutorial, Leadership, Math Tutorial, Media Mash, Outdoor Education,  Robotics, ​​​​Science and Technology, Spanish, Yearbook


Band Program

St. Thomas Aquinas School has an excellent band program that provides both theory and instrumental instruction.  Each year, the group of students enrolled in band work hard to develop their musical talents.  They display these talents at concerts and festivals, and are given the opportunity to share music and experiences with other bands.