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​Elective Courses 


The St. Mary Band Program has enjoyed tremendous success provincially, nationally and internationally. Beginning in Grade 7, students have the opportunity to participate in Junior, Intermediate, Wind Ensemble, and Stage Bands. Our Band has performed across Canada, winning numerous accolades along the way.


Sobey’s Gift Cards are on sale now at the school office. Support the band program and get yours today. They are currently available in denominations of $25, $50, & $100.

10% of the Sobey’s cards sales from each individual student can be used towards that students’ cost for the May 2012 New York trip.

There are currently two additional fundraisers under way, The Mixing Spoon & Stawnichy’s Sausage. Order forms are available by clicking the link to the right under Fundraising Order Forms.

Band Practices

Junior Band – Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:00-12.25

Senior Band – Wednesdays 3:30 – 4:45

Stage Band – Mondays 3:30 – 4:30 and Wednesdays 4:45 – 5:45



Career and Technology Studies (CTS) at St. Mary School is a completely individualized program where students develop skills that will prepare them for the workplace. As each student enters CTS, he or she is met with 6 foundational modules to enrich the learning experience and to help prepare for the world of work.

These foundational modules cover topics including: word processing, keyboarding, financial planning, career transitions, visual communications and working with spreadsheets. As they finish these core modules, students begin to follow an outline of modules that they create with the CTS coordinator in their area(s) of interest. Students can choose from over 1000 modules developed by Alberta Education and individually planned by the student and CTS teacher or coordinator. These courses have been developed in collaboration with industry and post secondary institutions. Certain course pathways have even been designed to allow students to achieve certifications or apprenticeships prior to enrolling in post secondary studies.

Each pathway is geared specifically for the individual student. No pathways are alike. The areas of study from which students may currently choose include:

BIT: Business, Administration, Finance & Information Technology
The BIT cluster focuses on the management, marketing and use of electronic technologies to access, use and manipulate information within personal, family, workplace, community and global contexts. Students are challenged to expand their confidence, experience and skills as innovators and leaders.

HRH: Health, Recreation & Human Services
The HRH cluster focuses on a vast array of challenging and rewarding careers in health care, community supports, recreation, cosmetology, food services, tourism and law.

MDC: Media, Design & Communication Arts
The MDC cluster is designed to provide students the flexibility to adapt to various situations relating to design, communication and esthetics. Courses relate to art and culture, such as the performing arts, film and video, broadcasting, journalism, writing, creative design, fashion, libraries and museums.

NAT: Natural Resources
The NAT cluster focuses on conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources. Students develop the motivation and commitment to work individually and collectively as private citizens and members of the workforce toward the conservation and responsible use of air, energy, forests, land, minerals, water and wildlife.

TMT: Trades, Manufacturing & Transportation
The TMT cluster focuses on skills and knowledge related to the design, construction, fabrication and maintenance of a product. Courses relate to manufacturing, processing, utilities, construction, mechanics, fabrication, trades supervision, trades contracting, logistics, transportation and heavy equipment.



St. Mary School provides a full Physical Education program from Kindergarten to grade 12 students. Phys. Ed. is mandatory for students from kindergarten to grade 10. Students in grades 11 and 12 have the opportunity to take Physical Education if their timetable scheduling permits.

Students in grades 1 to 9 participate in Daily Physical Activity. Grade 10 students take one semester of Phys. Ed. for 40 minutes per day for 3 credits. Grade 11 and 12 students who are enrolled in Phys. Ed. take it for 80 minutes per day for one semester, earning 5 credits upon successful completion.

Over the course of the school year, students generally will be exposed to the following sports: cross country running, soccer, volleyball, basketball, badminton, track and field, softball, lacrosse, rugby, football, skating and, at some grade levels, swimming, skiing, bowling, curling, and various other athletic activities.

Students from grades 1-12 have opportunities to participate in intramural activities.

Extra-curricular athletics opportunities are provided for junior and senior high students (and in some sports for elementary students) in golf, cross country running, track and field, volleyball, basketball, and badminton.


Junior High


Work Experience

Eligible high school students are provided work placements within the school or at locations in the community to gain “hands on” experience in a variety of learning experiences, as outlined in the Alberta Education Off Campus Education Handbook.


RAP (Registered Apprenticeship Program) 

Eligible high school students are provided the opportunity to begin an apprenticeship program while enrolled in high school and earning high school credits.