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Indigenous Education in Evergreen Catholic Schools

May 11, 2018

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Evergreen Catholic School Division respectfully acknowledges the vibrant history and culture of Indigenous nations in Canada. We continually seek to learn the traditions and contributions of Indigenous nations of Alberta while committing to moving forward in friendship and collaboration. We also recognize the land, upon which Evergreen Catholic Schools resides, is home for our closest neighbours, the Cree and the Nakoda. This territory, known as Treaty 6, is also home to the Métis Nation and many other Indigenous groups. We honor and acknowledge the unique story of this land and continue to work towards strengthening relations with Indigenous communities.

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In order to support our commitment to this work, Evergreen Catholic Schools is very proud to introduce Etienna Moostoos-Lafferty as our Division Indigenous Education Coach.  Through her guidance and support, Ms. Moostoos-Lafferty will lead our journey and invest in the development of staff by:

  • Obtaining practical strategies and materials for the full integration of Indigenous perspectives into each classroom

  • Offering approaches for teaching Indigenous learners and working with Indigenous families

  • Making connections to Elders, cultural instructors, and other resource people for authentic learning experiences

  • Promoting further understanding of treaties and agreements negotiated with First Nations and the Métis in Canada

  • Providing opportunities to learn about residential schools and their legacy

  • Ensuring that the historical, social, economic, and political stories of Indigenous nations are experienced

  • Participating in whole schools events that foster understanding and respect for Indigenous cultures, languages and histories.

  • Supporting staff in the attainment of school resources

hrough our Indigenous Education Programming, lead teachers from each school meet once a month to extend their learning in topics such as whole school capacity building, authentic resource acquisition, teachings regarding indigenous protocols, and being an ally for indigenous education. 

Some examples of what school principals, assistant principals, school staff and district office staff have engaged in so far with the program are:

  • Treaty 6 Blanket Exercise
  • Residential Schools Workshop
  • TQS Draft and Indigenous Education
  • History and Development of TRC (Truth and Reconciliation Commission)
  • Treaty Education in Alberta

Through capacity building within school communities and enabling all school staff to embark on this journey, the positive effects will be felt in our hearts, minds, spirits’ and happily in our classrooms. Through this commitment, the students of Evergreen Catholic School Division will become the new co-creators of a promising future for all. We welcome Etienna Moostoos-Lafferty to Evergreen Catholic and look forward to her leadership and support.

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