St. Gregory Catholic School
Keeping the Circle Strong
Part of Evergreen Catholic School Divison

Grade 2

Here is a sample what our students learn in Grade 2:

English Language Arts

  • Explore thoughts, ideas, feelings and experiences
  • Comprehend andrespond personallyand critically to oral, print and other media texts
  • Manage ideas and information
  • Enhance the clarity and artistry of communication
  • Respect, support and collaborate with others


  • Number Patterns and Relations
  • Shape and Space
  • Statistics and Probability


  • Exploring Liquids
  • Buoyancy and Boats
  • Magnetism
  • Hot and Cold Temperature
  • Small Crawling and Flying Things

Social Studies

  • Canada’s Dynamic Communities
  • A Community in the Past

Information and Communication Technology

  • Communicating, Inquiring, Decision Making and Problem Solving
  • Foundational Operations, Knowledge and Concepts
  • Processes for Productivity

Physical Education

  • Activity
  • Benefits Health
  • Cooperation
  • Do It Daily for Life!

Health and Life Skills

  • Wellness Choices
  • Relationship Choices
  • Life Learning Choices


  • Notice that natural objects or forms have common features
  • Assess the use or function of objects
  • Develop decorative styles
  • Add finishing touches to their creations
  • Decorate items personally created
  • Use media and techniques with an emphasis on exploring and applying methods in drawing, painting, print making, sculpture, fabric arts, photography and computer graphics


  • Understand that rhythm patterns can accompany melody
  • Understand that printed symbols in music show the direction of the melody
  • Understand that music may be fast or slow and may change from one
to the other suddenly or gradually
  • Detect the rise and fall of melody
  • Improvise movements to poems, stories and songs
  • Sing many folk, ethnic, seasonal and holiday songs
  • Play simple rhythm patterns
  • Recognize the music staff and treble clef sign
  • Create melodic and/or percussion accompaniments for poems and songs

Religious Education

  • Let’s be Friends!
  • Let’s come together
  • Let’s treasure God’s word
  • Let’s treasure God’s presence
  • Let’s treasure God’s gift
  • Let’s take
  • Let’s bless
  • Let’s break
  • Let’s eat and drink
  • Let’s go forth

For more information, download the Grade 2 Curriculum Handbook.