St. Gregory Catholic School
Keeping the Circle Strong
Part of Evergreen Catholic School Divison

Grade 1

Grade 1 is an important year in a child’s development. Here is what our students learn in this grade:

English Language Arts

  • Explore thoughts, ideas, feelings and experiences
  • Comprehend andrespond personallyand critically to oral, print and other media texts
  • Manage ideas and information
  • Enhance the clarity and artistry of communication
  • Respect, support and collaborate with others


  • Number
  • Patterns and Relations
  • Shape and Space
  • Statistics and Probability


  • Creating Colour
  • Seasonal Changes
  • Building Things
  • Senses
  • Needs of Animals and Plants

Social Studies

  • My World: Home, School and Community
  • Moving Forward with the Past: My Family, My History, and My Community

Information and Communication Technology

  • Communicating, Inquiring, Decision Making and Problem Solving
  • Foundational Operations, Knowledge and Concepts
  • Processes for Productivity

Physical Education

  • Activity
  • Benefits Health
  • Cooperation
  • Do It Daily for Life!

Health and Life Skills

  • Wellness Choices
  • Relationship Choices
  • Life Learning Choices


  • Notice that natural objects or forms have common features
  • Assess the use or function of objects
  • Develop decorative styles
  • Add finishing touches to their creations
  • Decorate items personally created
  • Use media and techniques with an emphasis on exploring and applying methods in drawing, painting, print making, sculpture, fabric
arts, photography and computer graphics


  • Understand that music may move to a steady beat
  • Understand that sounds may be high or low
  • Understand that music may express our feelings
  • Distinguish environmental sounds (school, home, weather, animals, machines)
  • Follow a story told by music
  • Perform simple action songs and singing games
  • Experience singing alone and in a group
  • Play a steady beat, using rhythm instruments
  • Echo rhythm patterns
  • Respond to simple instrumental scores on large charts
  • Use suitable sound effects for poems and songs

Religious Education

  • Welcome! You belong
  • Jesus welcomes us
  • We hear the story of God through Jesus
  • God dwells among us
  • I’ll always be with you
  • Hallowed be your name
  • Your will be done
  • We belong to God’s family
  • The Holy Spirit gathers us into God’s circle of friends
  • We are born of the Spirit

For more information, download the Grade 1 Curriculum Handbook.