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Current and after-grad students who are less than 20 years old on Sept 1 of the current school year may be eligible

Be sure to check whether any prerequisites are needed on the applicable post-secondary institution's website.

The number and subject areas of on-line courses available grows constantly. Watch for updates from time to time.

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Just added for September 2019!

Bow Valley College (on-line)

MKTG1101: Learners are introduced to concepts aimed at providing a solid foundation of marketing principles and the role marketing plays in business. Emphasizing a holistic approach, learners have the opportunity to analyze and apply the marketing mix. Key concepts include product, price, placement, and promotion (4Ps), the Integrated Marketing Communications Mix (IMC), market research, and consumer behaviour.

ANAT1101: This comprehensive course introduces the structure of the human body and its relationship to the function and integration of the twelve body systems as well as how they work to maintain homeostasis. Learners will gain an in depth understanding of the organization of the human body from the chemical and cellular level to the tissues, organs and organ systems. This course will also facilitate understanding of the terminology associated with the human body.

HUCL1401: This course offers instruction in the language of medical terminology and teaches you how to read and interpret commonly used medical terms, symbols and abbreviations. Topics include rules, prefixes, suffixes, root, combining forms, and basic introduction to body systems.