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LakelandCollege_logo.PNGDual Credit with Lakeland College

​The following dual credit courses are offer through Lakeland College: 


Play is a 1st year course in the Early Learning and Child Care program and an additional course in the Child and Youth Care program. Students will explore the significance of play in the development of child. Students will also complete the following high school credits: CCS3110, 3120, 3130, 3140, 3150, & COM1255.

Exploring Exceptionalities 

This course will introduce students to children with exceptionalities by examining categories and characteristics of diversity. Issues pertinent to children and youth with exceptionalities and their families will be explored. Students will also complete the following high school credits: CCS3060, CCS3070, CCS3910, & COM1255.

Environmental Sustainability

Students who are interested in a career in environmental sciences will benefit from Environmental Sustainability. A requirement in 4 of Lakeland College’s Environmental Sciences majors, this course focuses on human interactions with the environment. Students will also complete the following high school credits: ENS1040, 1110, 2050, 2130 & COM1255.

Introduction to Heavy Oil and Gas
This course will explain what heavy oil is and identify ways heavy oil is produced. Students will also explore the steps involved in getting heavy oil and natural gas out of the ground and in to the marketplace. Students will also complete the following high school CTS credits: PRS1020, PRS2020 & PRS2030.
 Introduction to Esthetics
This course will provide students with an overview of safe practices in the workplace regarding bacteriology and sanitation. Students will learn to formulate a professional image and practice skills needed to work with the public. Students will also complete the following high school CTS credits: COS1010, COS 2210, COS 3010 & COM1255.

Introduction to Soil Science
This course will provide students with an overview of soil formation processes and fundamental characteristics of soil. Knowledge will be gained through lectures and hands on experience. Students will also complete the following high school CTS credits: AGR1010, AGR2120, AGR3120 & COM1255.
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It is the student's responsibility to confirm that they have the required prerequisites for these courses by checking the Lakeland College programs website.

If interested please contact Mr. Ray Côté​ by email at or call 780-960-0475 to arrange to discuss the program​.