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Justice Studies

Bow Valley College
offers two
required first year courses on line available to dual-credit students interested in post-secondary Justice Studies.

A diploma with a General Justice specialization will provide you with a broad spectrum of justice-related knowledge and skills. You have the flexibility to choose required courses from any of the four other specializations offered within the Justice Studies Diploma program.

You may also select courses from the following specializations:
Aboriginal Focus        Correctional Studies        Law Enforcement        Youth Justice

    COMM1101 - Interpersonal Relationships And Communication Skills

Learners explore principles of interpersonal relationships and communication, considering the roles of culture, perception, and listening therein. They practice verbal, nonverbal, conversational, and technology-mediated messaging necessary for effective communication within personal and professional contexts.

JUST1101 - Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
A study of Canada's Criminal Justice System in the sequence as seen by an offender who traverses it. The structure and jurisdictions of the three levels of government involved are examined, together with the development, role and functions of the police and other agencies, the courts, sentencing philosophies, correctional institutions, community corrections, and diversion. Also considered are discretion, limitations of authority, and the decision points throughout the system.

It is the student's responsibility to confirm that they have the required prerequisites for these courses by checking the Bow Valley College programs website.