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Creative Technologies

BVC.PNGGraduates of the Digital Design Diploma program are capable of the creative aspects of designing and producing flexible digital and print media, including websites, e-publications, applications, and interactive/multimedia products for public, non-profit, and corporate clients. Working individually or as part of a project team, graduates have the skills to present, defend, and critique digital media projects meeting client need, project scope, and available resources. 

Potential Graduate Career Opportunities

Exciting career opportunities are possible in both the public and private sector including companies and corporations, non-profit agencies, and government agencies. 路   Graphic designer   路   Web designer and developer   路   Graphic arts technician   路   Front-end web developer   路   Mobile designer

Courses -Winter 2020

DESN2201 - Intro to Web Design
DESN2201 introduces the principles of web design and focuses on usability and design aesthetics. Learners explore trends in web publications and incorporate design considerations like iconography, work flow, graphics, menus and layout. Uses fee and open source design tools.

DESN2002 - Intro to Digital Media
DESN2202 covers key tools, filters, and layers in the creation and manipulation of images, building  foundational skills in the use of creative production software. Requires student to have Adobe Creative Suite license - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.

It is the student's responsibility to confirm that they have the required prerequisites for these courses by checking the Bow Valley College programs website.