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In Evergreen Catholic Separate School Division, we educate in an atmosphere of faith, hope, and love to prepare our students to live as compassionate, confident, and contributing citizens. Evergreen Catholic Separate School Division in the Province of Alberta consists of eleven schools in five communities with over 4,300 students and roughly 450 staff.


Community Support Contact Numbers





​Capital Health Centre ​780-968-3600
​Distress Line ​780-482-4357
​Mental Health Clinic ​780-963-6151
​Victim Services ​780-963-7112
​24 Hour Child Abuse Hotline ​1-800-387-5437
​Sexual Assault Crisis Line ​780-423-4121
​AADAC ​780-968-6466

​Holy Trinity Parish

Spruce Grove



​Youth Employment ​780-422-4266


Community Resources List

Evergreen Catholic School Division is committed to having a Counsellor in every school.  The counsellors work as an integral part of the Student Services team, which includes the Inclusive Education Coordinator and the school administrators, to implement many important supports for Evergreen students.

Please contact your school for more information about counselling services and programs offered at the school.

Ever Growing: Much of the work we do is in response to the provincial initiatives, Inspiring Education , which outlines a vision for education in Alberta in 2030, and Inspiring Action, its sequel. The future model for education in Alberta will focus on a process of inquiry and discovery. Technology will have an increasingly significant role in our classrooms.
Ever Learning: ​Our teachers and trustees have pondered the future of education and the critical question: "Is what we are doing today relevant for tomorrow?" Understanding the needs of the 21st Century Learner is a challenge that we face. We need to continue our conversation about what education for students of Evergreen Catholic Schools will be in 2030. There will be a gradual shift in what learning 'looks like' in our schools; all stakeholders will be involved.
Ever Living: In Evergreen Catholic Separate School Division, we educate in an atmosphere of faith, hope, and love to prepare our students to live as compassionate, confident, and contributing citizens. ECSSD is a school division in the Province of Alberta that consists of eleven schools in five communities with over 4,300 students and 450 employees.

Evergreen Catholic School Division is committed to providing each school site with an Inclusive Education Coordinator.  The mission of this role is to ensure that all students have the supports and accommodations they require in order to successfully achieve their full potential. Collaborating with parents, teachers, counsellors, administration, and outside agencies, students may be supported in a variety of ways.

Please contact your school for more information about inclusion and programs offered at the school.

Evergreen Catholic School Division respectfully acknowledges the vibrant history and culture of Indigenous nations in Canada. We continually seek to learn the traditions and contributions of Indigenous nations of Alberta while committing to moving forward in friendship and collaboration. We also recognize the land, upon which Evergreen Catholic Schools resides, is home for our closest neighbours, the Cree and the Nakoda. This territory, known as Treaty 6, is also home to the Métis Nation and many other Indigenous groups. We honor and acknowledge the unique story of this land and continue to work towards strengthening relations with Indigenous communities.

Etienna Moostoos-Lafferty is the Division Indigenous Education Coach and supports teachers, administrators, and division office staff in their commitment to the Truth and Reconciliation's Calls to Action (2015). Through her guidance and support, Etienna leads in the development of staff by:


  • Obtaining practical strategies and materials for the full integration of Indigenous perspectives into each classroom
  • Offering approaches for teaching Indigenous learners and working with Indigenous families
  • Making connections to Elders, cultural instructors, and other resource people for authentic learning experiences
  • Promoting further understanding of treaties and agreements negotiated with First Nations and the Métis in Canada
  • Providing opportunities to learn about residential schools and their legacy
  • Building on existing awareness of historical, social, economic, and political realities of Indigenous individuals/nations 
  • Participating in whole schools events that foster understanding and respect for Indigenous cultures, languages and histories.
  • Supporting staff in the attainment of school resources
  • Broadening current practice to include pedagogy that is consistent with Indigenous ways of learning and knowing.

Indigenous education lead teachers from each school meet once a month to further their learning and build confidence in a variety of foundational knowledge areas.  

Through capacity building within school communities and enabling all school staff to embark on this journey, the positive effects will be felt in our hearts, minds, spirits’ and happily in our classrooms. Through this commitment, the students of Evergreen Catholic School Division will become the new co-creators of a promising future for all. 


land acknowledgment

In response to an expressed need for Christ-centered schools, our Evergreen Catholic Separate School Division was initiated by the parents of the Catholic community. We openly celebrate our common bond of faith in God.

Following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and in partnership with the Home and Parish, we are committed to serve each individual student in an atmosphere of Faith, Hope and Love. We strive to educate the whole student spiritually, intellectually, esthetically, emotionally, socially and physically.

Through this mission we promote the highest quality of Catholic education in order to prepare all students to live as compassionate, competent and contributing citizens in a changing society.

Safety is a significant priority! Our school division is committed to establishing and maintaining an incident free work environment. Our commitment is based on the philosophy that Health and Safety excellence is a value expected of the organization, its management and employees. Our division is dedicated to a physically and psychologically healthy and safe environment for students, staff members, volunteers and the general public.

Safety is everyone's responsibility! Our objective is to prevent injuries and property damage in all work execution and operations. This will be achieved by creating a work atmosphere in which Health and Safety is the first and foremost consideration, and in which all actions are based on safety. All staff have a shared responsibility to promote the principles of mutual respect, confidentiality, and cooperation.

Evergreen Catholic School Division provides Catholic Education to all students in the district. The celebration of our faith is a vital part of our school community and is infused throughout our classrooms. To learn more about “What to expect in a Catholic school” please visit the FAQ page.

Bus Service

Evergreen Catholic Schools services the communities of Devon, Hinton, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and Westlock.

Evergreen Catholic Schools contracts the following organizations to provide bus services to and from our schools. If you have any questions regarding the routes, times, map boundaries, please call the appropriate bus service below.

Parkland Transportation provides busing for students in Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and Devon. For more information contact:

Student Transportation Department

Phone: 780-963-8452

Email: [email protected]


In Westlock, contact Pembina Hills Transportation at 780-674-8510

In Hinton, contact Beaupre Bus Lines at 1-800-762-2356 or 780-817-2111


Bussing Status – Parkland Transportation (Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Devon)

Bussing Status – Grande Yellowhead (Hinton)

Bussing Status – Pembina Hills (Westlock)


Inclement Weather

Unless otherwise announced, all Evergreen Catholic Schools will remain open.

In the event of extreme weather conditions, the transport managers or transport directors for each school area will decide whether the bus services will run. We suggest you listen to local media outlets for information about the cancellation of services.

For Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and Devon - listen to any of the following radio stations: CBC, CFCW, CTV, CHED, CHQT, Fresh FM, Global, K-97, 96X, The CHUCK, Now!, or The Bear.

For Westlock, listen to: 97.9 FM The Range

For Hinton, listen to: THE FOX

Transportation updates will be posted on the Evergreen Catholic School Division website by 7:00 am and then updated by 2:00 pm during times of inclement weather. 

Violence Threat Risk Assessment Protocol - Promoting Safe Communities

The safety of our students is a top priority for us all. Children and youth increasingly face many difficult situations and challenges in their lives. When they lack the ability to resolve these problems, high risk behaviour can sometimes occur. We believe there is a shared community responsibility to respond and support our students. As a school division, and in cooperation with local school divisions, government, RCMP and community partners, we have completed intensive safety training through the Canadian Centre for Threat Assessment and Trauma Response.

Together, we have also developed a prevention and intervention protocol for responding to situations in which students may be posing a threat to themselves or others. Our goal is to promote safe schools and communities and respond to threats in a proactive manner that provides for a healthy and caring learning environment. We are proud to be able to provide this level of support to our school communities and are most fortunate to have our community partners at our side.

Additional information is available through the Fair Notice warning letter and information brochures provided.