Evergreen Energizers: Creating Content with Spark and Spirit!

Evergreen Energizers: Creating Content with Spark and Spirit!
Are you a Grade 9+ student in Evergreen? Join the Evergreen Energizers and become a beacon of creativity! As an Evergreen Energizer, you'll infuse your content with spark and spirit, igniting excitement and
engagement across our communities. From captivating videos to dynamic posts, our Energizers are the driving force behind sharing the vibrancy of Evergreen Catholic Schools.
What is the role of an Energizer?
Unleash your creativity by crafting engaging videos, posts, and stories that showcase the unique programs, events, and daily life at our schools. Whether it's highlighting exciting events or sharing behind-the scenes fun, you’ll play a vital role in amplifying the Evergreen  experience!
At Evergreen Catholic Schools, we celebrate diversity and inclusivity. As an Energizer, you’ll embody these values while infusing your content with your own creative flair. Each school will have its own Energizer social media account.
What’s in it for You?
Besides the joy of creating content, you’ll receive exclusive Evergreen swag as tokens of appreciation. Plus, you’ll gain valuable social media skills along the way!
Ready to Join?
If you’re excited to share our Evergreen stories, fill out the following inquiry form or email our Communications Coordinator at [email protected].
Evergreen Energizer Inquiry Form: https://forms.gle/vT7xiHKjkhRR9MNq7
Please note that once you have filled out the inquiry form, we will contact applicants with a form that must be signed by a legal parent or guardian for consent to participate as an influencer for Evergreen Catholic Schools.