Re-Entry Update from the Superintendent

Evergreen Catholic administration and the Board of Trustees have been preparing for the safe return to school since the beginning of June.  Many plans are already in place and we will be ready to resume operations and welcome students and staff into our school settings in September.

The document we have created is a re-entry plan for our schools. The plan details the procedures and expectations we have developed to ensure the safety of our staff and students.

Supporting the return to classes will take a collective effort.  For our schools to operate in this ‘near normal’ mode, we need everyone working together to ensure our schools continue being safe and caring teaching and learning environments for our staff and your children.  Catholic  education is a gift and a blessing  for  our  students;  it succeeds  because the  family  and the school  share in the care they  bring  to the learning community. 

As we move forward with our re-entry, we are grateful for your support and patience, and appreciate the level of trust parents have in order to send your children into our care.  Evergreen Catholic has always believed that it is important to consistently make information available to our community, and this has guided our work with COVID-19 from the outset. 

As expressed in the document we understand that many families are concerned about a full-return to in-person classes and we are planning options for families.  We will be sending an important email to all families on Thursday, August 13, 2020. This email will explain the process for selecting your educational choice for your children in September.  We ask families to respond to this email within the identified timeline in order to help us organize our classes and plan our staffing needs. If you do not receive an email, please go to our website to access the registration procedure. 

Thank you,

God Bless

Mike Paonessa