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Daily Prayer for Lent 2023

March 15, 2023

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Today we reflect on Matthew 5:17.


When a new boss takes over, everyone in the office gets a bit nervous. A new person on top usually means change, and many people fear change, or at least the unknown. Jesus understood. He was preaching some different messages. When explaining how to handle a hurt, it was no longer an eye for eye, but now the lesson was about forgiving 77 times. But Jesus respected his past while fulfilling all that was promised there. He came to fulfill not abolish. He came to breathe new life, but it was a life that had been anticipated in the Old Testament. He’s the new boss who respects everyone and is trying to bring out the best in all.


Jesus, guide me in how I can help fulfill your laws, especially those of love.


—Peggy Weber, author of Enough as You Are


Pray the 3-Minute Retreat on today’s reflection verse.


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