A Message from the Board Chair

Evergreen Catholic Schools has an excellent reputation for faith-filled schools, high achievement, student supports and a safe, respectful and caring learning environment.  Our schools are committed to the ideals of Catholic education, providing our students an opportunity not only to achieve academic excellence but also to grow personally, socially, and physically in a Christ-centered environment.

The board of trustees has made it a priority that our ten schools receive necessary student supports in all five communities. We guarantee that each school will receive equitable supports in counselling, inclusion, learning, wellness, and indigenous education.

Education in Alberta is changing and Evergreen is committed to evolving to meet the challenges of new curriculum and programs.  Our students will graduate from schools in Evergreen Catholic ready to meet the challenges of a competitive and technology-driven future.  

Evergreen Catholic Schools Trustees recently took an oath of office and pledged, "As Catholic school trustees, we promise to fulfill the sacred responsibilities entrusted to us by the Catholic community. We pledge to work openly, respectfully and cooperatively with each other so that, through our work, the youth entrusted to our schools may know the love of Christ."  You have our commitment! Our board will advocate maintaining publicly-funded Catholic schools in Alberta, as Catholic schools provide excellent education to our students across the province.

This is an important time. Driven by the fast pace of the globalization of information, education in Alberta is seeing many changes.   An important element in making this a success will be active engagement of students, parents and members of the community at large in the education process.  We look forward to engaging with our parent community and all stakeholders in the future. We can accomplish great things when we work together, united in our desire to provide the best education possible for students enrolled in Evergreen Catholic Schools.  Our board is honoured to serve you. 

Ron McKay, Board Chair, Evergreen Catholic Separate School Division