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Do you need some guidance during Lent?

March 06, 2019
Here is a list of suggested daily actions to help guide us on our Lenten journey (2019):

March 6: Repent, and believe in the Gospel
March 7: Let God reveal his Good News to you 
March 8: Turn away from what keeps you from God 
March 9: Fast from unkindness

1st Sunday of Lent: 
March 10: Your ways, Lord, are faithfulness and love
March 11: Thank God for the gift of love in your life, wherever you find it
March 12: Pray for those who have forgotten how to love
March 13: Fast from jealousy – love the giftedness in others
March 14: Remember those who have been betrayed
March 15: Let your prayer be for the ones who live in sadness and loss
March 16: Be a loving presence to all you meet today

2nd Sunday of Lent: 
March 17: I will walk in the presence of the Lord
March 18: Let God walk through your day with you
March 19: Give thanks for those who reveal God to you
March 20: Clothe those you meet in loving kindness
March 21: Pray for those who feel they walk alone
March 22: Fast today in solidarity with those who never have enough to eat
March 23: Cherish those who are in your life today

3rd Sunday of Lent:    
March 24: Lord, you have the message of eternal life
March 25: Notice signs of new life around you and give thanks
March 26: Give to those who are in need
March 27: Pray for those who feel unloved 
March 28: Fast from what does not bring life
March 29: Pray for the gift of trust in God
March 30: Cherish the unexpected moments of wonder

4th Sunday of Lent: 
March 31: God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son
April 1: Pray for loved ones who show us a glimpse of God’s love
April 2: Make an effort with someone you find difficult
April 3: Let the news today call you to pray
April 4: Fast with Jesus 
April 5: Take time today to believe in God’s love for you
April 6: Show love for someone else today

5th Sunday of Lent: 
April 7: Let your heart be filled with God’s view of life
April 8: Fast from selfishness, go the extra distance today for someone else
April 9: Welcome the stranger, in yourself as well as in your neighbour
April 10: Pray for those whose hearts are filled with anger and hatred
April 11: Remember those who live in darkness and despair
April 12: Give to the poor
April 13: Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord

Palm Sunday:  
April 14: Be just in all you say and do
April 15: Let the blessings of others be a source of joy for you
April 16: Pray for those whom we have betrayed and those who have betrayed us
April 17: Sharing a meal makes us family – look around at your family