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Dual-Credit Programs

Dual Credit with NorQuest CollegeNorquestCollege_logo.PNG

Would you like a free college education?  Not sure what to do next year?  If you will be in grade 12 next year or are a post-graduate under 20 years old as of September 1st of the school year, you may be eligible for a free education.  Evergreen Catholic School Division has partnered with NorQuest College to offer The Health Care Aide Certificate Program and the Administrative Professional Certificate 

 Healthcare_Aide.fw.pngHealth Care Aide - 

New program coming September 2019!
Watch for dates and locations for upcoming information sessions.

This is a year-long course has classes that run every afternoon at St.  Peter the Apostle Catholic High School in Spruce Grove.  After the July practicum component, students will be ready to work in a variety of dynamic hospital settings as  fully certified Health Care Aides making $18-26 /hour.  Students may still take their grade 12 at their current school in the morning or upgrade courses with Evergreen Catholic Outreach if they have already graduated

2019/2020 program brochure coming soon



Business_Admin.fw.pngAdministrative Professional - Watch for dates and locations for upcoming information sessions.

2019-2020 program brochure coming soon
This program also is a year-long course that has classes that run every afternoon at St.  Peter the Apostle Catholic High School in Spruce Grove.  After one school year, students will be able to take part in the business world through event planning, data keeping, business communication, software applications and organizational politics.  Classes will take place in the afternoons Monday-Thursday in Spruce Grove.  Students can still complete their grade 12 subjects in their resident school or upgrade if they are a post graduate.


Take advantage of this free education.  You can use it to fund the rest of your post-secondary or work forever in a high demand field with a great career at a young age. Come to the Dual Credit Presentation held by NorQuest and Evergreen Catholic Schools to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

If you are interested in registering follow the steps below...

  • ​Discuss with your school counsellor and your parent(s)
  • Send an email of intention to Mr. Côté at or call 780-960-0475 to make an appointment to discuss the program.
  • Complete a prescreen (resume and interview)
  • Receive conditional acceptance from Evergreen
  • Pay $450 refundable* deposit to Evergreen
  • Complete NorQuest application process

* Deposit is refundable only upon successful completion of the HCA or ADP program and return of all materials. Drops, fails and withdrawals forfeit deposit and may be invoiced for the entire cost of the program.


Anatomy/Physiology & Medical Terminologymri-technologist.jpg

Either of the NorQuest College or the Bow Valley College courses are availabe on-line via dual credit at St. Teresa Catholic Outreach. You must check for transferability (NAIT does not accept either)

The NAIT courses are no longer available. NAIT has discontinued the dual-credit versions of these courses.


Dual Credit with Lakeland College

​The following dual credit courses are offer through Lakeland College: 


Play is a 1st year course in the Early Learning and Child Care program and an additional course in the Child and Youth Care program. Students will explore the significanceof play in the development of child. Students will also complete the following high school credits: CCS3110, 3120, 3130, 3140, 3150, & COM1255.

Exploring Exceptionalities 

This course will introduce students to children with exceptionalities by examining categories and characteristicsof diversity. Issues pertinent to children and youth with exceptionalities and their families will be explored. Students will also complete the following high school credits: CCS3060, CCS3070, CCS3910, & COM1255.

Evironmental Sustainability

Students who are interested in a career in environmental sciences will benefit from Environmental Sustainability. A requirement in 4 of Lakeland College’s Environmental Sciences majors, this course focuses on human interactions with the environment. Students will also complete the following high school credits: ENS1040, 1110, 2050, 2130 & COM1255.

Introduction to Heavy Oil and Gas
This course will explain what heavy oil is and identify ways heavy oil is produced. Students will also explore the steps involved in getting heavy oil and natural gas out of the ground and in to the marketplace. Students will also complete the following high school CTS credits: PRS1020, PRS2020 & PRS2030.
 Introduction to Esthetics
This course will provide students with an overview of safe practices in the workplace regarding bacteriology and sanitation. Students will learn to formulate a professional image and practice skills needed to work with the public. Students will also complete the following high school CTS credits: COS1010, COS 2210, COS 3010 & COM1255.

Introduction to Soil Science
This course will provide students with an overview of soil formation processes and fundamental characteristics of soil. Knowledge will be gained through lectures and hands on experience. Students will also complete the following high school CTS credits: AGR1010, AGR2120, AGR3120 & COM1255.
For more information select brochure Lakeland College
 Interested in registering for a course download application DualCredit_Application_LakeLand_College.pdf

 If you are interested in registering for any of the Lakeland programs, send an email to Ray Cote or call 780-960-0475 to make an appointment to discuss the program.

​ Newman_logo.PNG

Youth Evangelization I-35 and Youth Evangelization II-35 - 

Not currently available as the high school program is under redevelopment

This is a dual-credit program in collaboration with Newman Theological College. The first part of the program includes three on-line courses taught by Newman Theological College instuctors. Each course requires the completion of readings, assignments, and participation in on-line discussions. The Certificate in Younth Evangelization is designed for people working in parish youth ministry who wish to develop skills for effectively engaging people in parish settings. The pathway offers participants courses in the area of Catholicism, Scripture, Jesus and the Sacraments, as well as courses specifically designed around the theory and practice of Youth Ministry. Students will earn both college and 6 high school credits. 

If interested please contact Mr. Ray Côté​ or call 780-960-0475 to make an appointment to discuss the program​.