St. Teresa Catholic Outreach School
Education by Choice given Opportunity
Part of Evergreen Catholic School Divison
Progress Reports (aka Report Cards)

​St. Teresa student progress reports are being sent electronically on February 5th this year to the personal email addresses which the students have provided to us. 

Students who also attend St. Peter or Gerard Redmond will be able to pick up a hard copy in their school office on Feb 13th.

Hard copies will be printed and placed in each student's file for future reference.

Dual credit program registration for September 2018 now open

Effecitve Febraury1, 2018, we are accepting applications for the September 2018 dual credit programs. 

Students and parents may obtain information about upcoming dual-credit NorQuest College opportunities:

High school presentaions will begin in mid-February.. Announcements will be made at each school and posted here as well.

You may also call Ray Côté at St. Teresa Catholic Outreach 780-960-0475.
Open late Thursdays

St. Teresa will be open late each Thursday evening as shown on the school calendar until 6:00 pm. Teachers rotate each week. Please check with your teacher or see the schedule on the in-school TV.

There are currently no events.